Maiolini Real Estate

For over 30 years Maiolini Real Estate operates in the brokering of residential and commercial properties, both in the sale and lease, providing consultancy services, with competence and transparency. Amongst other services, we specialize in condominium management.
The Company also makes use of external collaborations with qualified technicians that can perform designs, renovations, building practices, cadastral mortgage and land, technical expertise and energy certificates.

We assist continuously customers in every phase of their real estate transactions, until their closure, in compliance with the corporate Code of Ethics. In addition, we are able to provide comprehensive and qualified advice always aligned with the evolution of the property market.
Professionalism, competence and availability are characteristics that have allowed us to grow in the complex and competitive industry in which we operate, allowing us to gain the highest esteem of a large number of clients. Decades of experience and professionalism of Maiolini Real Estate, along with its employees, ensure our customers the highest protection and achieve the objective satisfying in every request.