maiolini-agenzia-immobiliare-ancona-1Monuments of particular interest include the Arco di Traiano (Arch of Trajan, 115 A.D.) and the remains of the Augustan amphitheatre; the San Ciriaco cathedral, transformed in the XI and XIII centuries, which overlooks the sea from the top of the ancient acropolis on Colle Guasco; the Palazzo del Senato (Senate Building, XIII century); the thirteenth-century Santa Maria di Piazza; the fifteenth-century Loggia dei Mercanti (Traders’Lodge); the Mole Vanvitelliana (1733). Other sites of particular interest include the Palzzo Bosdari (1550), home to the public art gallery and the Palazzo Ferretti (XVI century), which houses the Le Marche national museum where you will find on display magnificent findings such as Attic vases, Etruscan bronzes and bronze statues from the Roman era.

An important commercial and industrial centre (food production and ship construction), Ancona also relies on its income as a port and a fishing town (the city hosts the International Fishing Fair every year). The province, which includes 49 municipalities over a mountainous and hilly area, is devote to agriculture (vegetables, olives, fruit, vines) and to wine production (Verdicchio and Rosso Conero).