maiolini-agenzia-immobiliare-loreto-1Loreto rises from the top of a gentle hill, with plenty of surrounding countryside characterized by  olive-growing which takes place locally. Standing out due to their height and majesty are the dome and bell tower of the Basilica, with the figure of the Madonna standing at the highest point.
The town, developed around the famous Basilica, is home to the celebrated Holy House (this is where according to tradition, the Virgin Mary was born and lived and where she received the Annunciation of the miracle of the birth of Jesus). According to the legend, when Nazareth (where the Holy House was originally located) was being conquered by Muslims, a group of angels took the House and  flew with it to Loreto in a single night. This is why the Madonna of Loreto is venerated as the patron saint of aviators. As a matter of fact, it seems that the flight  was performed by the Angeli Comneno dynasty, a branch of the Costantinople imperial family. The House was removed from Nazareth in 1291 and, after being moved via Dalmatia, reached Loreto in 1294.