maiolini-agenzia-immobiliare-offagna-1Offagna is a typical medieval town, a small village overlooked by the charming and magnificent fortress situated 309 metres above sea level.
In addition to its architectural beauty, Offagna is famous for its annual medieval feasts  normally on between the last two Saturdays in July  offers visitors a range of fun and unusual displays inspired from time to time by different themes.  The spectators  taking part in the feast is truly immersed in a scenario where lives are lived without machines and by candlelight, so that he/she can follow theatrical representations and armed contests or savour  “la Crescia”, led by drum rolls thru the streets by acrobats and fire-eaters.  Offagna also boasts a Fortress which is one of the most imposing and important in the entire region, a typical military garrison which hides secret passages and corridors, all waiting to be discovered, within its walls. Visiting the Fortress also offers the opportunity of accessing the Arms Museum.