maiolini-agenzia-immobiliare-osimo-1Osimo rises from another knoll at 265 metres above sea level, approximately 20 km from Ancona and slightly nearer to the Riviera del Conero, between the Musone valley and the Aspio valley. Thanks to its geographical position, it enjoys a good climate for most of the year and offers magnificent panoramic views which stretch from the shores of the Adriatic Sea to Gran Sasso and from the Sibilline Mountains to San Marino.
The name comes from the ancient Auximum and its inhabitants are also called “headless”, due to the many headless statues from the Roman era displayed in the foyer of the town hall. For a long time it was more important than Ancona; from the very beginning it was designated as the largest urbs (town) of the Piceno tribe. It is also adorned with statues, magnificent buildings and connecting streets. The city is embellished with many buildings which belonged to the local nobility; these bear witness to the various stages of advancement relating to the expansion of construction work in the city centre.