ITALIA, MARCHE, RECANATI, PIAZZA LEOPARDI,PALAZZO COMUNALE FOTO GIMMIRecanati rises from the peak of a hill with an altitude of 296 metres, between the Potenza and Musone river valleys. The Adriatic sea is approximately ten kilometers away and the peaks of the Sibilline Mountains, the “Monti Azzurri” (Blue Mountains) can be seen easily. The town is home to the  “World Poetry Centre”: the eighteenth-century Palazzo Leopardi, the house in which the poet was born and still inhabited by his descendants today, is open to the public. It was restructured into its current form by the architect Carlo Orazio  Leopardi towards the middle of the XVIII century.  The most fascinating room is surely the library, which is home to over 20.000 books including incunabula and ancient volumes collected by the father of the poet, Monaldo Leopardi.