Brokering of residential and commercial properties

Our team is composed of professionals that specialize in meeting all our customer needs, from the evaluation of a property up to the completion of negotiations for lease or sale.

  • annual leases
  • summer rentals in the Conero Rviera

Condominium management

We manage more than 50 condominiums that we follow with commitment since our beginning. The Administrator in addition to his legal studies is also a member of ANACI (National Association of Condominium and Real Estate), the largest national association of professionals in this sector. This allows us to stay always up to date through continuous training or through electronic access to the database of the association, where we can find real-time answers to the various requirements which this occupation in continuous development constantly demands.

Other Services

  • energy certificates
  • cadastral documentations
  • lease guarantees
  • in house building documentations
  • renovations
  • design and supervision
  • utilities service following the sale and lease
  • technical and legal consulting

Our partner

  • Gardener
  • Bricklayer
  • Hydraulic
  • Electrician